5 Reasons Why You Must Make a Facebook Fanpage for Your Business

Fanpage is a special page on Facebook that is useful for providing information about the wishes of their owners. You can create Fanpages with company names, brands, communities, celebrities, and your personal name.

As a businessman, the Facebook Fanpage page certainly has a number of benefits. Even if you don’t run an online-based business, fanpage can provide a number of benefits for your business. Especially if you are running an e-commerce business, fanpage plays an important role to support the development of your business.


Therefore, make an official Facebook fanpage for your business. The method is easy, fast, and free. Well, if you just want to make it, here are 5 things you should know about the benefits of Facebook fanpage for your business.


5 Benefits of Facebook Fanpage for Your Business Interest


1. Many Potential Consumers on Facebook


During this time, Facebook has been used for various affairs, Ranging from sharing the latest news, posting photos, uploading videos, writing out of hearts, seeing friends’ activities, and commenting. However, now Facebook is also a medium for finding local businesses, finding out new products, and getting recommendations on various things.

You also already know that Facebook is the largest Social Media Marketing platform in the world, with a number of users reaching more than 2 billion people. Many potential consumers have the potential to be reached through Facebook. That’s the reason why you need to create a fanpage account specifically for your business.


2. People Easily Find Your Business on the Internet



On the fanpage Facebook page, you can specify your business category; write your brand name, full address, telephone number, website link and business description, and upload profile photos with your business logo. You can also post various types of content on your fanpage for promotional purposes.

Now, when people search for your business name in the ‘search’ column or search for certain keywords contained in your fanpage profile, your fanpage account will appear on the search page. This will make it easier for people to find your business. Even when searching Google, people can find your account


3. Building the Right Audience



You can invite your friends to follow and like your Facebook fanpage. Foreigners you don’t know can follow and like your fanpage. You can build an audience from anywhere interested in your business.

With Facebook fanpage, you will be freer to promote and market your business. Then, you will also get feedback from your audience. They will give feedback about your posts; even make purchases on your product. The right audience will gather on your fanpage. They are your potential customers.


4. Knowing Insights



Facebook gives you an ‘insights’ feature to find out information about an audience that is connected to your fanpage. You can track the performance of your fanpage, the number of active users, the number of audiences that are successfully reached every week on each of your posts, to the demographics of your audience.


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Data on ‘insights’ will be useful for your business, especially from a marketing perspective. You can make a more effective business strategy. You can create the right content for your audience and find more people similar to your current audience.


5. Can Install Ads



You can advertise your Facebook fanpage account or your post on fanpage. Facebook gives you various choices in advertising to reach an audience that doesn’t know and follow your business.

Amazingly, you can target an audience that becomes your target based on demographics. Such as gender, age, location, level of education, income, to relationship status. So, your ad can be targeted according to your target market. You can find the right audience and increase the sales of your business.

Well, that’s the five benefits of Facebook fanpage for your business. Come on, immediately create a business page on Facebook and start promoting your products and services on the world’s largest social media.