5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website



Even so, slowly but surely, many big businesses will survive by not only relying on the marketplace. One by one these businesses also open their own online store websites.


Here are some reasons why the business must have own website:

1. Determine the Sales Strategy Freely


One of the conveniences that can be obtained from a website for your online business is the free determination of sales strategies. As a business owner, you can determine for yourself when you will give a discount or hold a flash sale to customers. Whereas in the marketplace, you can’t help but adjust the terms and conditions in it.



From the website, you can direct customers to make repeat purchases without having to go through a third person. This strategy can also be done through a newsletter that is sent regularly to customers about sharing special promos held special for your loyal customers.


2. Personal Branding Becomes Stronger


Selling through a marketplace makes your customers not really remember your store name. The buyers tend to remember the name of the marketplace where they get the desired item. This will not happen if you have your own online business website.


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By having a website, you can customize the design and interface of your online store brand. You are free to choose an affordable price that best represents the image of the brand you manage. The ease of prospective customers and customers who come to shop at your store is even more secure with this.


3. Financial Reports and Products on the Website


Another advantage that can be felt from the existence of a website for your online store is the ability to integrate it with certain plugins. Some examples of these plugins are Google Analytic to see website visitor statistics, WP ERP for HR systems, CRM, and small business accounting, and so on.


The plugin is automatically able to track to see the development of your business from time to time. In addition, you can also view financial reports and other inventory reports through these plugins.


4. Free Website Development


If you have an online business, a website can give you more choices to develop the content and features in it. You can use cheap hosting packages and add various kinds of plugins, live chat applications, reseller menus, until the option of checking shipping costs.


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Then, what should be done if visitors increase in number? If in the future your business grows rapidly, you need to upgrade your hosting options so that the website can run smoothly and your customers can continue to shop comfortably.


5. There is No War Price between Sellers



Imagined when you sell in the marketplace, customers look for items in your store not based on quality, but competitive prices. They look for stores that provide their needs with the lowest prices and the best reviews. This can be the cause of a price war between stores in a marketplace.


It will be difficult for a product to look unique and special when compared to similar products from other stores. Because basically a sales strategy that only relies on where the lowest price is not a sustainable business strategy. With a website, your product can compete on a value basis without having to frantically slam the price.


Through the five points above, we can conclude that the website is a long-term investment in a business, especially for business people who rely on online sales. Maybe now the revenue from business is not so much.