7 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

7 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

Selling via Instagram Social Media is mostly done by online businesses. Make an account that is easy and free makes many people try their luck on their business via Instagram.

Instagram is indeed a hit for doing business. Its function is no longer to exist and to post personal photos. But many people have created special accounts on Instagram for their business profiles.

For those of you who use Instagram to do business, this Social Media Marketing can give you an advantage. However, how has your business been on Instagram so far? Are your products in demand or even empty of buyers?

If your business is still quiet, there may be some things you don’t pay attention to when managing your Instagram account.

Here are 7 tips for the products you sell on Instagram

Profile Must Be Clear

We recommend that you use your business Instagram profile to be more leverage in selling. Then write a brief description of your business on Instagram. Complete the website address, email address, telephone number, and other contact person that can be contacted. Don’t forget; change the profile picture with your business logo image.


Pay Attention to Content


Before uploading photo or video content, you must pay attention to the visual quality. To attract attention and beautify your Instagram timeline, you need to pay attention to the quality of the content you upload. Don’t post blurry photos or videos, because it makes consumers not interested in seeing, giving likes and comments.

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Don’t Focus on the Number of Likes


The most important thing is not how many likes you get, but how many transactions occur from your posts. You better focus on creating creative content to market your business. By focusing on content, consumers can be interested in giving likes and even making purchases. Consumers will also be happy to follow your Instagram account.

Active Posting


You need to actively post interesting photos or short videos about your products and business to decorate the timeline. However, don’t post a lot of content at the same time, because your posts are considered to interfere with your followers’ timeline. It’s best to post photos or videos one at a time. For example, in the morning, during the day, then at night and give a time interval for each post.

Interacting with Followers


You must actively interact with your followers. If anyone writes a comment, don’t forget to reply. Moreover, Instagram users often ask questions via the comments column, not through the contact person you have specified. So, you must diligently open your account and reply to every incoming message.


Hashtags Must Be Relevant


You can use up to 30 hashtags in captions or descriptions of your photos and videos. However, you do not need to use 30 hashtags so that you write a hashtag that is not relevant to your business. Like #likeforlike, #likeforfollow, #followforfollow, and others.

Delete Plain Photos


Old school photos that you have better removed for a long time. It only fulfills and interferes with the timeline display. Moreover, photos of old products that has been sold out or is in demand. You don’t need to save it anymore, because it can make consumers disappointed when he wants to have it but it turns out it’s already sold out.