Complete YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

Complete YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

For colleagues who are struggling with the world of internet marketing, of course, they understand well the magnitude of the influence and strength of YouTube video sharing sites. As an illustration, YouTube is one of the sites with the largest number of daily visitors under Google and Facebook social media.

YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

In addition, this site also successfully became the second largest search engine after Google, with the number of searches reaching 30 million searches every day.

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In this guide, we will learn some important YouTube SEO points to win the search competition on the first page of the YouTube site. Apply these YouTube SEO points to the maximum and see the results in the future.

Trick 1: Search Keywords for Video  

The YouTube SEO techniques applied to YouTube are not too different when compared to Google. The first stage we have to look for keywords, or cool language keyword research.

YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

But in contrast to keyword search for Google, we must find what is called Video Keyword.

Trick 2: Create Interesting Videos and YouTube Channels

At this stage, we will try to make a good impression on the eyes of YouTube and viewers through the videos and channels that we make.

1. Ranking Factors

First of all, we must understand that videos on YouTube do not work like blogs or websites in terms of ranking. If on Google, there is a term backlink that can be used to determine the quality of a blog or website,

What really concerns more is the following points:

Video Retention


Thumbs up / Thumbs down



2. Create a Video above 5 Minutes

If we examine it again, many of the videos that appear on the first page of YouTube search results, are more than 5 minutes long. Even some of them reach more than 1 hour.

YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

Maybe most of us will have trouble making videos that are too long. But the 5 minute number is the minimum we have to work on. In theory, generally longer is certainly better.

3. Create Custom Thumbnails

The thumbnails of the videos that we made in fact also have a huge effect on the development of the video, even though it doesn’t directly affect YouTube ranking, at least this is very influential on our audience. It would be better if we made custom thumbnails.

4. Create a Playlist

Playlist is a list of several videos with the same theme. And it turns out this feature also contributes to SEO factors that are quite thick and certainly we can use.

Trick 3: Build On Page YouTube SEO

At this stage, there are a number of things that we need to pay attention to, which include the file name, Video title, description and tags of the videos that we upload.

Trick 4: Promote Videos

After applying the YouTube SEO tips discussed above, next we can directly promote on Social Media the video to get views of course. In this case, what was emphasized was how to build videos and YouTube channels by using 100% white hat, aka official.

YouTube SEO Guide to Ranking High in Google

It is not recommended to buy views services or use methods that include black or gray hat.

We can enter our video in the answer to a question that is related to the keywords that we aim at. Or better, if we can directly embed the video in our answer.