How to Use Keywords to Increase Sales from Google Search Engines

What are the types of keywords to increase sales conversions from Google Search Engines? In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are several types of keywords that can increase sales conversions, applying keywords like this will provide benefits for online business people.

For online businesses, you should not only focus on keywords that have a lot of searches on Google, but focus on keywords that have good conversions.

Usually high-conversion keywords are specific and generally long keywords (long tail keywords). Indeed, long keywords are not many searches, but keywords like this are usually used by potential buyers.

Keyword Types to Increase Sales Conversions


There are many types of keywords that can increase sales conversions and most commonly used by internet users when they are browsing.

1. Branded Terms

Branded keywords are keywords that contain certain brands. Users search on the internet using certain brand names in keywords.

For example: Selling a Cheap Sony Camera

The word “Sony” is a famous brand that is inserted into keywords. This type of keyword conversion is very high because it is usually typed by fans of certain brands who want to shop.

2. Product Terms

Product keywords are keywords that mention the name of the product. Usually using keywords like this is accompanied by a certain brand name.

For example: Selling Cheap Ibanez Guitars

3. Competitor Terms

Competitor keywords are keywords that aim to compare one brand with another brand. Keywords like this are usually used to see differences and make a difference between one brand and another.

For example: Samsung A5 vs Xiaomi 4X

4. Substitute Product Terms

These are keywords that are often used to find information on other products as a substitute. The use of keywords like this is to look for other alternative products whose quality is not much different.

For example, you sell “hair grower products”, there is no harm in also optimizing keywords related to “hair reinforcement products”.

5. Complementary Product Terms

These are keywords that mention the product but are not directly related to the product you are selling. For example, you sell furniture products, one of which is a computer desk.

When someone searches for information about computer equipment, it is likely that the conversion of sales of your computer desk is quite good.

6. Audience Terms

This type of keyword category includes a lot of terms that people might look for on the internet. That is why these types of keywords are quite difficult and need more effort to benefit from keywords like this.

7. Asking Questions Terms

These are keywords that contain questions when looking for solutions to their problems on Google. The average website that is on the main page for this type of keyword is a website that contains tutorial or information articles.

Can this produce conversions? Of course. Visitors of this type of keyword can be converted into buyers when they are helped by the content they read.

8. Seasonal Terms

These are seasonal keywords that are only sought after when there are certain events. For example when approaching Eid Al-Fitr, Christmas, New Year, and others.

These types of keywords are rarely typed on Google. However, when entering in the season, this type of keyword will be very massive. Of course you don’t want to miss using the momentum in certain seasons.

9. Symptoms Terms

These are keywords that contain symptoms or anxiety and are usually typed on Google by those who want to immediately get an answer to the problem.

For example, someone whose smartphone died suddenly due to water. So he will search for information on Google by using the keyword “How to deal with a smartphone suddenly because it is submerged in water”.

10. Specific Terms

This is the type of specific keyword used to search for information on Google. For example using codes, models, or keywords that lead to specific things.

Usually the use of these specific keywords is very little. However, competition for keywords like this is very low so it is very easy to optimize.