RCS Business Messaging

Say No to Boring Conversations with This Revolutionary Messaging Experience!

Regardless of the type of business you operate, SMS Now offers a distinctive customer experience that will leave you remembering our team for all time, making it an excellent place to work.

Why RCS Messaging Services?

Brand Visibility

Establish credibility by having your name, logo, and profile page with contact information prominently displayed and validated.

Easy Engagement

Urge recipients to interact with the user-friendly buttons and links. Your operations resources will also be spared by automated answers.

Native Messaging

RCS messages are delivered directly into a mobile phone's native messaging app - just where your SMS messages normally land.

Chats & Conversations

Utilise LINK's chatbot automation technology to automate two-way communications with customers.

Rich Media

A variety of tools are available for contemporary consumer interactions, including images, videos, interactive carousels, cards, tracked links, and live chats.

Integrated QR Codes

To distribute coupons, make reservations, track, or issue tickets, use integrated codes. Give me a chance to add this to my wallet, please!

Future-proof Comms

For reservation, tracking, ticketing, and couponing, use integrated codes. Why not also include a "add to wallet" option in the message?

Business Profile Page

Use integrated codes for sending coupons, making bookings, tracking, and ticketing. Could you also include a "add to wallet" option?

Change the Way You Talk to Customers with Our Unmatched 2-Way Rich Messaging Capabilities


Reaching out to potential or existing clients with sales, marketing, and promotional communications is intended to increase awareness, engagement, and revenue.

Examples include extending discounts, promotions, incentives, and upgrades for goods and services.

pursuing user-initiated partial transactions, including abandoned wishlists and shopping carts, etc.


The aim is to furnish clients with pertinent details regarding their current offerings by means of direct alerts, updates, or notifications.

As an illustration:
Alerts about fraud Purchase confirmation Updates on products and services Details about an account or product Requests for feedback News notifications


In order to securely authenticate an account or validate a transaction, a unique password must be issued by the One-Time Password (OTP) agent.

The OTP agent can be used for: OTP/2FA password resets and account authentication Confirmation of online transactions

Why Choose RCS Messaging Services?

With Google Messaging Service, you can improve customer discussions through enhanced media, a more engaging experience, and increased security. Embrace the messaging of the future now!

Comprehensive messaging and communication tools

Security always comes first

Establishing trust between parties is crucial for safe authentication and fraud protection, which requires registering and authenticating senders. This entails setting up multi-factor authentication, assigning distinct credentials, and gathering and verifying sender information. Regular audits, reputation grading, and ongoing monitoring all aid in the detection and prevention of fraud. Encouraging users and maintaining open lines of communication about these security procedures strengthen user confidence and platform security.

Present goods and services visually

Integrate RCS-capable elements, such as your logo, brand name, and colors, into your messaging to visually represent your goods and services while upholding brand consistency. This strategy makes sure your messaging is consistent with your brand identity and interesting, which builds trust and awareness.

Engage with clients with rich, two-way chat.

Use RCS features to leverage rich, two-way content to engage customers. Using the interchange of text, photos, GIFs, audio and video files, documents, lengthy chats, and location data, create an experience similar to an app. This strategy improves communication and offers a more lively and interesting client experience.

Personalize marketing deals with just one message

Combine up to ten rich cards into an interactive unit to customize promotional offers in a single message. Customers can simply choose the best offer for them by scrolling, swiping, and tapping among these cards, which will improve their interaction and experience with your promotions.

Clickable buttons for simple tasks and answers

Adding clickable buttons to messages will increase message response rates by making actions and responses easier. Customers may participate with just one tap thanks to this, streamlining the process and enhancing customer engagement and conversational outcomes.



Make use of current client information to increase reach

Leverage your current customer data to reach a wider audience. Utilize the phone numbers of your present SMS and voice clients to target them and convert them to RCS Business Messaging with ease. A seamless transition to richer, more participatory communications is ensured by this strategy.

Monitor performance and obtain meaningful data.

Verify message open rates and analyze client interactions to track performance and collect useful data. To better analyze responses and adjust your efforts for better outcomes, use comprehensive campaign metrics.

Maximize Your Business Reach with RCS Services

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