SEO Success Factors with Link Building

SEO Success Factors with Link Building

When talking about SEO efforts or getting top positions in search engine results, links can be called one of the most influential off page factors. Not only because it is able to effect other factors, is the link also a signal for search engines to put our site in the right position.

Therefore link building or building a link network, is something that you must pay attention to.

The method is through several factors below.

Link Quality

Imagine, if you are sick, which suggestion you trust more. Of the 10 general people you meet on the road, or from 1 doctor.

The majority of you, of course, answer the advice given by the doctor. Although, for those who have bad experiences or are afraid to go to the doctor, in general they will still trust the advice given by the doctor. The reason is very simple, because the advice is given by people who are truly experts in their fields.

Likewise in link building, search engines are also able to provide separate values ​​for each link that enters our site. Because in reality, each link will not be given the same value including the influence that our site gets.

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Some links can provide extraordinary positive effects, but many other links will actually give a bad presence to our site.

Maybe there is a lot of information that is milling about the link building guidelines, and examples of good links are those from authority sites or those that have .org, .edu, and so on.

But besides that, getting links from other sites that are still in the field in line with us, is also able to provide a plus in SEO’s efforts.

Text Link

In commonly heard terms, ordinary text links are also called anchor text. The definition is, the text is either a word, phrase or sentence that is planted with a link, and the link goes to our site.

In practice, if we want to occupy the top position for the keyword “recipe”, then we must try to get a link attached to the word “food recipe”.

Making anchor text is not a difficult thing if done on our own site, but we certainly cannot control other sites providing similar anchor text. So, it would be better if we maximize other factors such as the level of trust of participants in the authority of the site, so that indirectly encouraging other sites to provide links through the anchor text.

Number of Links

The third factor is the number of links we get. Several years ago, many mentioned that to master SEO, we must get as many links as possible. No matter where it comes from, the most important thing is that our site is flooded with links.

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However, this does not apply at this time. Search engines like Google have developed algorithms to determine what quality links we get.

Some steps of link building such as viral link baiting, link socialization, or other ways are actually considered as spamming efforts which certainly have a negative impact on our site.

It would be better if we build slowly the number of links we have. And still pay attention to the quality of the link.