SEO Success Factors with Website Architecture

SEO Success Factors with Website Architecture

In the previous guide we discussed some factors that affect mainly those related to content, and this time in the second explanation we will focus more on the periodic table of factors related to site architecture.

Site Crawl Ability (Ease to Search)

The first factor in Search Engine Optimization is related to Crawl ability. For those who do not know, in short Crawl ability is the ability of a site to be quickly crawled successfully by search engines so that the site or page can appear in search engine search results.

Currently the search engine has turned into a highly sophisticated search technology scheme. With this crawler technology, search engines can find and store millions of pages on a site at a time. This is what we usually call index.


The case is, when someone searches on a search engine, the bot will start looking for the recorded data and then choose which pages or sites are most appropriate based on several criteria. To be able to enter the search results, of course the first thing we have to do is “look” by the search engine.

Actually sites generally don’t have problems with crawling or crawling search engines. But some small things such as JavaScript or Flash can then make the links that we have not visible to search engines.


Like a large book consisting of billions of sheets of paper, sometimes there are times when the search engine also becomes confused because of the amount of information or pages in it.

The problem is, not infrequently a site has two or more pages that are indexed more than once. This is what is called duplication.

Sometimes, this can be due to some technical things like when we apply a page with the www prefix. Or pages that don’t use www. Although the contents are the same, sometimes search engines think of it as 2 different pages.


Another example is, on e-commerce sites, search engines also index results per page from a particular category. We recognize pagination or giving pages for certain search results, from which search engines consider page 1, page 2, and page 3 and so on, are different pages. Even though all these pages contain similar content.

Mobile Friendly

We have discussed in another article that mobile friendly factors are increasingly becoming things to consider when developing a site. With the increase in search engine access through mobile devices, it practically encourages the need for us to create a site that is easy to use through mobile devices.


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Not only big search engines like Google, other search engines like Bing also apply the same thing given the increasing importance of mobile factors.


So what must be considered is to increase the convenience of one of them through applying a responsive template. When we succeed in making mobile visitors feel comfortable, indirectly search engines can also improve our rankings.

Website Speed ​

Google currently wants to experience surfing through search engines quickly. Therefore, site speed is a factor that plays a role in this. If you want to get good search results ranking, try starting by increasing the site loading speed.

But it should be noted, when we already have a fast site, it does not mean that we will immediately get a high position. We need to pay attention to several other factors. But at least, a number of things such as the relevance and satisfaction of the reader, are generally very much influenced by the speed or delay of the site when accessed.

Descriptive URLs

In fact, URLs are one of the structures in a site that plays an important role in being able to increase our ranking in search engines. In SEO’s efforts, making descriptive URLs is very necessary.



Descriptive here can be interpreted as being able to quickly show what the contents of the page or site are like. Enter keywords concisely and precisely to improve the ease of our site indexed by search engines.

https / Secure Site (Site Security)

And the last factor for the site architecture series is the security of the site. Generally to increase security we can add HTTPS extensions. In general HTTPS servers have a higher level of security than HTTP.


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Currently, to get the HTTPS extension is also not too difficult, including the price is not too expensive.

Given the increasing rate of digital crime, we certainly can get a double advantage by applying the extension. The first advantage, ranking in the eyes of Google will increase and the security of the site even more attractive.