SMS API |Text Messaging API

The SMS API (Application Programming Interface) integration means, we are connecting our SMS services with third party applications. Its ready to use format makes it really easy to integrate with any language software.



SMS API integration is the way to integrate SMS services on your panels like website, software, CRM etc. SMS API integration is the easiest way to send automated SMSs directly from your platform. If we take an example of e-commerce sites almost every e-commerce platform have integrated SMS API for different uses but the use of SMS API is user verification through OTP. When we about to make any transaction from e-commerce website they asked for the mobile number for verification after entering the number we get SMS with four or six digits combination of numbers that we have to enter on the platform then only we able to make an online transaction. Another use of SMS API for e-commerce platform is to send order status, any latest update in the collections, sale time notification, for sending attractive offers, deals for regular buyer etc.


Not only automated we can also send manual customized SMS with help of SMS API integration, in order to greet our high priority customers. What we need to have is to take SMS API integration services from a reliable service provider.

SMS Me Now offer easy SMS gateway API integration facilities where you have to just copy and paste simple lines of code. They offer SMS API in different languages like PHP, JAVA, .NET, HTML etc.


Stand-alone benefits of SMS API:-


One of the main advantages of API it allows you to send bulk SMS at a time across all of the technical networks and platforms that your business make use of. To manage the inflow and outflow of the messages, there is one functional control system.

With the help of API, messages are delivered with the assurance of security. Unlike any other mode, you can send messages quickly through API. SMS gateway provides quickly and easily delivers your messages to your potential audiences.

To handle API is quite easy, intuitive. To append the key features of the gateway into your own systems is very simple and can be handled by any experienced developers.

Speed and reliability are other main benefits of this.

You can also check the delivery status of your single or group SMS everything in a single place without login your web interface.

Message API surely the smartest thing you’ve ever done for your customers or clients. As it gives you a freedom to send and receive Short Message Service (SMS) to a targeted group, via any application, spontaneously.