Why is Bulk SMS Marketing Needed for Businesses?

Why is Bulk SMS Marketing Needed for Businesses?

In simple SMS Marketing is a marketing strategy via text or short messages about the promotion of a product or information.

Not only as a promotional media, it turns out that BULK SMS Marketing can also be used for other things. Like sending a payment confirmation, notifying the shipping status, requesting customer feedback. The real purpose of people using this marketing strategy is to process customer databases and increase customer loyalty. So that indirectly makes your business relationship with customers closer and leads to increased sales conversions.

Why is SMS Marketing Needed for Businesses?


According to the data we took from several sources of users of cellular technology it was recorded that there were more than 80% of the population in India. Automatically all these users have a message sending service. But is SMS still relevant for promotion considering that there are now many messenger applications that have emerged and are in demand by Smartphone users?

According to the Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS), 91% of millennia’s send messages almost every day, using either the messenger or SMS application. Chances are they open an SMS promo around 49%. For this reason, one type of mobile marketing is still very relevant to be applied in business marketing strategies.

In addition, there are many other reasons that reinforce why BULK SMS Marketing is needed, including:


Reach All Mobile Devices


The first advantage of implementing the SMS Marketing Strategy is that it can reach all mobile devices, both smart phones with the most recent operating systems to non-Smartphone. That way the scope of your promotion will be even wider.




SMS Marketing is sent to your subscribers, just like email marketing. For this reason, it is more personal. Where the SMS Blast sent to each mobile device will be received and read by them so that the promotion you send will directly affect the user of the device. Because it is personal, SMS Blast can also be aimed at maintaining customer loyalty by staying connected easily.


Cheaper Cost


Advertise using conventional methods such as television, radio and print media is indeed a big impact. But the talk of the cost certainly will not be reachable by small and medium entrepreneurs or those of you who are just starting a business. Well, the solution is BULK SMS Marketing.


Greater Customer Response


Based on the data we quoted from Tech in Asia, even SMS advertisements have the potential to be opened by around 98%. This number is greater than the blast email advertisement which is only 60%. Not only that, the link or link in the SMS blast may be opened at 19%, while email marketing is only 4.2%. According to these data, it can be concluded that the advertising media that gives rise to the most potential actions is to use SMS Marketing.


Can Manage Old Customers


If the consumer has made a transaction, you will definitely want them to return to buy the product or service you offer. This is where SMS Marketing can be relied on. Generally SMS Marketing can be used for all marketing activities, question and answer interactions, product promotions and more. For this reason, the speed of SMS Marketing reaching consumers and the convenience of consumers receiving information from you can be the strength of your business among competitors.

What are the reasons we described above, encouraging you to start implementing the SMS Marketing strategy? But before you try it, make sure you have prepared and considered the following.

Does this strategy suit your business?
Have you made a marketing strategy?
What SMS Gateway services are suitable for your marketing activities?