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Google analytics is the buzz when it comes to web  analytics. The name is explanatory and shows inclination towards google analytics for websites.

SMS Me Now is a one shop for all your promotional needs. The market for your product and service already exists we further decorate it with our able team. Google analytics lets you analyse your brand’s presence on the web. You can check and monitor the activities of your promotion and see a competitive edge. How and where your customers will be caught by your brand idea is at our discretion. Since we take time to study you first and then plan promotional activities we make sure that everything is in place.

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What Google analytics does for you?

Bounce Rate

What is the percentage of your page visit? Bounce rate for websites and web pages can be found out and according steps are then taken. Whether a visitor leaves your webpage without further browsing or not, all of it can be found out.

Link Tagging

This is yet another feature of analytics. Through this google analytics tracks the marketing campaign. How much of what was planned can be easily tracked and presented. Corrective measures if needed can be then taken.

Cookie Tracking

Tracking users across the browsing sessions is done by cookie tracking feature of analytics. This will allow the analyst to better understand the visibility of your brand. Also the user’s gets sorted as per web page or website visits.

What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is a tool designed by the all in all Google. It lets you track flash, video, and social networking sites. Applications that are now a days readily used can also be tracked and traced through google analytics. Web analytics Google is a service offered by Google. The web is the new market and to gauge your performance such tools have been designed.

Latest versions with updated features are always add-on. This is quite an integrated analytics tool that inter relates with various devices and applications. You can check your ranking through this magic tool. Since the tool comes with a Google brand name it needs no introduction or promotion. Oddly all digital marketers use google analytics for websites.

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