Buying Social Media Followers is a Bad Idea

Buying Social Media Followers is a Bad Idea


When a business starts to develop and starts using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube as a medium to introduce its business online, most of them will focus on the number of followers or fans on the social media. This is the reason why many people buy social media followers that are widely offered at cheap prices, namely $ 1 – $ 100. They think it’s a very good idea – actually it’s not a good idea, not at all!


The more number of followers and fans on social media will certainly make the social media marketing activities that you do more effective, with a note; your followers or fans are REAL users or humans are not accounts created with the help of software or scripts.


You definitely don’t want very many followers but there is no interaction at all when you post something on your time line, all you need is REAL followers or REAL fans who are interested in interacting with you.


I often find twitter followers enhancers, add Facebook fans, and add views to YouTube videos, and I have used their services for one of my business site twitter accounts. Indeed, the service provider provides a number of followers of up to thousands of followers. And after I noticed, it turned out that more than 90% of my followers were ROBOT or FAKE accounts that were never active in using Twitter.


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If you have a business, you must have a purpose in running the business. Stay focused on the main goals of the business you are running because you will not achieve that goal just by having lots of fake followers and fans on social media sites. Make social media a tool to help your goals by getting REAL followers and fans.


As I mentioned above, having lots of followers and fans on social media will provide many benefits for your business if these followers and fans are REAL users.



Are you still thinking of buying Twitter fans and Facebook followers on social media? Ok, I’ll give a little picture of what you will get if you buy followers and fans on social media:


  1. Your follower will look very much, that’s for sure. And if people see your profile at a glance, he will think that your business profile is successful because it has many followers and fans.
  2. You only spend a little money. Followers increase service providers that offer a very cheap price – $ 1 – $ 100 – depending on how many followers you want.
  3. Your sales conversion ratio from social media is very low or even nonexistent. Your followers can increase in number significantly but not directly proportional to the results you expect.
  4. The possibility of your Twitter account can be hacked because some of the followers that increase your service provider need your password.
  5. The possibility of your Twitter account will get a problem, for example suspended because of an unnatural activity on your Twitter account.


Then, what are the alternative ways to increase your followers’ REAL on social media?

Here are some ways you can get followers that are useful for your social media activities:


1. Post Something Interesting


When you post something interesting on your Twitter or Facebook fans page, your REAL followers will see it and they will probably give likes or retweet what you post. And when your followers’ followers see it and are interested, chances are they will follow or like your post. This will happen continuously so that it will increase the number of your followers and also strengthen your brand.

2. Post Regularly


Posting something on your social media account will make your followers always see and remember you. Most of your followers may only see a few posts that you do because they also follow a lot of people, this is one reason why you should often post on social media, so that you still exist.

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3. Follow Others


You can get followers by following other accounts. Maybe not everything you follow will follow back but some of the people you follow will most likely follow your back.

4. Notify other People of Your Social Media Account


You can tell your friends or business associates about your company’s social media account. Can be through a business card, or it can be through social media buttons on a personal website or blog.


5. Socialize Well


Social media sites are a way to interact with other people, so interact with your followers, don’t just post something that only relates to the products you sell. Posts like this will continually make your followers and fans feel bored and finally forget you.

6. Consider Using Advertisements


Facebook ads and promoted tweets are good ways to make your content better known to others. On Facebook ads, your content will be seen by everyone who matches the criteria you want. As for promoting tweets, more people will see your tweets even if they are not your followers, if they like the content you make it is likely they will also follow you.