How to Optimize your Local Business SEO in 2020

In 2020 local SEO is predicted to be the most important component in search engines, this can lead to more intense competition in local businesses which will certainly have an impact on the difficulty of local businesses to reach the top of the search engine pages.

Local search on search engine pages will continue to grow along with the development of Smartphone features that are connected with artificial intelligence ( Artificial intelligence ), in 2019 local search via Smartphone will grow by 46% and 54% via Desktop and predicted in 2020 local search via Smartphone on Google’s search engine page will defeat the search on the Desktop platform.

In 2020 more than 50% of the search will be based on votes so that the use of typing will be less than before so it has an effect on the number of searches using long tail keywords.

Reviews on Google Maps will play the most important role in local search, businesses that have more positive reviews will have better trust and will rank higher in local search results on search engine pages.

User involvement will also be one of the keys to the success of local SEO, Google will give a higher ranking to businesses that receive maximum user involvement.

Some of the old and new changes that will have an impact on local search in 2020.

Basic factors on Local SEO such as RDP will not change.
RDP itself stands for Relevance, Distance and Prominence. The RDP factor will basically be maintained by Google and this will have a lot of effect on your overall business presence in local search results on search engine pages.

Relevance means whether your business already has a match and in accordance with the wishes of the user. For example, if you want to find a restaurant that is close to you, Google will only enter a list of restaurants that are close to you in geo location, if you want to search for Padang restaurants, then Google will only enter a list of several Padang restaurants that are closest to you.

Distance means measuring how far you are from when the search is done. The closest business or place or restaurant will get a higher rating.

Prominence means the superiority of your business in this matter both offline and online popularity. For example, if you are looking for a Pizza Restaurant, companies that already have popularity such as “Domino’s Pizza” or “Pizza Hut” will have their own advantages compared to other local pizza restaurants.

The main factors that will make the biggest difference to local SEO in 2020:

Businesses that have the best Products or Services will rank high on local search engine pages.
Google currently continues to do regular updates on its search engine algorithm, updates on the Google Algorithm can determine the ranking of local businesses that are preferred and become a favorite by its users.

Therefore, no matter how big your advertising budget is, a business that has the best products and services will come out on top in a local search engine. Therefore fraudulent methods such as fake reviews, comments and likes will not help your business rank on local search results, so immediately change your business strategy by making products that “miss” or provide the best service to customers by prioritizing the approach to your customers. .

Mentioning your brand is the most important key factor.
Mention of the brand will play an important role in Google’s local search algorithm,

How popular is your brand? Do people discuss it in forums, in the community or in articles? If people mention the brand or name of your site, the name of your business, the geographical location of your business but don’t link your site, that might be calculated and help your business to get a higher ranking in Google search.

The best way to popularize your brand on local search is to produce content that is relevant to your target audience.

The location sharing feature will play a role in the Local search.

Google controls almost all the resources needed to assess the popularity and reputation of your business, all Google services track user data that will be forwarded to local search results. Google services starting from Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Assistant etc. will record the data of users so that the business with the best ranking will get the top position in local search.

The location sharing feature also plays a role in local search, Google also calculates how many people have pinned your business location to their contacts or how many people have requested a business location by using the location sharing feature.

Voice SEO will play a more dominant role in local search

The Bright Local survey results revealed that around 56% of users conducted a local business search via Smartphone in the last 12 months. In addition, the same survey also revealed that the top three local search by voice were restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery.

The results of this survey indicate that the use of voice has begun to master local search and businesses that are late in optimizing their local SEO for voice search will require more effort to achieve the highest ranking in local search results on search engine pages.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to optimize your business on voice search:

Accurate Business Listings

Register your business accurately on the Google My Business page , mention the name of the business, full business address, opening and closing times, prices listed on the product, using the right images and videos, inviting visitors to provide reviews and including all the full information that might be sought when they search for your business on the search engine pages. Google might consider several factors before releasing its search results such as reviews, business popularity, mention of business names, opening and closing times before providing the most relevant search results.

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Optimizing Long Tail Keywords

Research Long Tail keywords that are most likely to be searched by users in finding your business on Google, most keywords will be based on questions that can start with “what”, “how”, “when”, “where”, etc. Use tools like keyword tool to find unique long tail keywords.

Make your business registered under the knowledge panel

Google prefers businesses that have a load Knowledge Panel (Knowledge Panel). You might need to add the right data to your site to allow Google to retrieve all the details related to your business correctly.

Optimize for searches “near me”

Search statistics “near me” continue to increase from time to time, if you have a lot of business, you may need to register as many locations as needed in your Google My Business account. This will help Google to identify the exact location of the business that is served by your company.


Local SEO will definitely get tougher in 2020, so competition will be more intense and it will be very to rank high on search engine pages. The main factor to get high rankings on local search is the best product or service. If you optimize your business correctly then Google will place your business at the top of the rankings on local search.

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