The Role of SEO for SMEs and Startup

The Role of SEO for SMEs and Startup


Actually, there are many SEO roles for SMEs and Startup businesses in the digital era. One of the most obvious benefits of SEO for SMEs is potential traffic that comes from search engines.


There is no reason not to use the Search Engine in business marketing because basically all businesses can do it and can get benefits from SEO.


For SME businessmen who have still considered the cost for SEO is an unnecessary expense, it’s a good idea to shift the perspective a little.


What is SEO?



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of efforts made by webmasters on a website page with the aim of increasing the visibility of a website page. So, it’s not enough to just have a business website. SME business people also have to think about how to make the website enter the main page of Google search results for keywords that are relevant to their business.


The Most Important Thing in SEO


Many SME business people who also do their own SEO, think that by optimizing keywords that many searches on Google will have a big impact on their site. Actually this isn’t wrong, but it’s not entirely true.


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I think the most important thing in SEO for SMEs is understanding your own business and understanding who your target market is. There is no need to pursue keyword optimization for keywords that have many searches, which we know for sure the keywords are high competition levels.



For SME businesses, it will be more effective when targeting local SEOs or optimizing keywords that are in accordance with the area. The use of place names in keywords will indicate the location of your target market.


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For example, instead of optimizing your keywords “Selling Sunflower Seeds” it would be more effective to optimize easier keywords, for example “Selling Sunflower Seeds in Yogyakarta”. Another case if your business wants to target the national market, of course you need to aim at keywords where the target market is national.


Should SEO experts be so that SME businesses can compete?



Not a few SME businesses actually want to become SEO experts rather than becoming experts in their own business. Learning SEO is necessary and useful, but of course you don’t have to be an SEO expert and do it all alone.


If at this time you really have to do optimization alone, it doesn’t matter. But in time, when your business has begun to develop, SEO marketing should be delegated to other people, for example to members of a professional digital marketing team or service. It’s better to focus on your SME business.